New Ways in the Old West

Nationwide, people are embracing a downsizing trend to live with less stuff, take up less land, lessen their environmental impact, share amenities and consume less resources. They believe in living as stewards of the planet, humankind and nature aligned for the greater good.

Sun West Ranch, the only shared-ranch community in the Montana’s Madison Valley, is a leader in this trend.

Sun West Ranch manifests its commitment to stewardship in the following:

  • Sun West Ranch instills in owners a responsibility for long-term land stewardship, preservation, conservation and sustainability.
  • Only 55 homesites, limited to just 3 to 11 acres each, are located within 2,000 acres of pristine mountainous property in southwestern Montana, as part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.
  • Of the 2,000 total acres, 1,600 acres of common area wilderness along the Madison River are protected from development for perpetuity. Careful planning and management in keeping with strong covenants and conservation easements ensure diligent maintenance and preservation of native plants, wildlife habitat and watershed.
  • No hunting is allowed on ranch property, which serves as a lasting natural habitat and migration path for native wildlife while maintaining a healthy environment for a variety of flora and fauna.
  • The three-mile stretch of the Madison River that runs through the property remains free of development, minimizing impact on the water/land and on the several species of trout that pass through.
  • Ranch homes follow architectural guidelines that ensure a consistently rustic look that reflects the natural surroundings. Homesites respect the land’s covenants and easements.
  • Homeowners share a full equestrian center and hospitality house, minimizing the need to sub-divide the land for individual barns and stables. The ranch encourages self-sufficiency and avoids the over-commercialization that is common to other mountain communities and resorts.
  • Sun West Ranch is a Certified Undaunted Steward, a status that reflects its deep commitment to preserving and maintaining the property’s wildlife habitat, watershed and native plants.


Benefits for owners include:

  • Pride of ownership as a responsible steward of the land
  • Ownership of a piece of Montana’s legacy, protected and preserved into perpetuity
  • Living on less land, minimizing environmental impact and enhancing quality of life
  • A way of life that enables them and their families to enjoy the presence of protected wildlife
  • Being a part of the greater natural eco system